I have been working in bars for so long that I no longer question why. That was not always the case. For a long time I went to and from work in misery. Poor me. I am not intelligent enough for a desk job. Poor me. I am only good enough to get people drunk, and to make sure they don’t hurt each other. But, I realized that I was fighting with reality, judging myself for being exactly who I was, and in doing so, was the definition of insanity: to argue with reality. And, so I have come to love and honor myself and my job. In this way I can be of more service to my fellows when they are too drunk to stand, too tired to catch a cab, too high to find their shirt…I am grateful to have a job. To have a home and food and leisure time in which to write this blog. Thank you Universe for all that you have blessed me with. Forgive my monkey mind’s complaints.